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Thinking about Trying Paleo?

Then your head is probably spinning with questions right now:

“How do I get started? What do I eat? What should I avoid? Do I have to exercise? What about eating out?”

It’s frustrating to have to read through books and piece together blog articles to try and figure out a new diet – I know, because that’s how I felt when I first started out with Paleo.

Learning how to eat well and be healthy takes time and effort, but you’re a busy person. You just want to get on with it and get results from day one.

I totally get that, but diving head-first into a new diet plan will leave you confused, frustrated and ready to give up – you’ll be setting yourself up to fail before you even start.

A Smarter Way to Kick Off Your Diet

Imagine getting started with your own Paleo plan today… imagine looking in the mirror and seeing tangible results this week… now imagine achieving all this with just one simple action every day!

With The Paleo Tool Kit you’ll have all the resources you need to kickstart your healthy new lifestyle, plus a simple step-by-step plan that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.

Our 30-day support program, ebook guides, meal planner and cheat sheets ensure you won’t have to waste another minute trying to plan your diet, thinking about what to eat, or worrying about major pitfalls!

“Surprisingly simple and straightforward – I was literally up and running the day I got the kit.”

“I’ve found it difficult to follow diets properly in the past because I have a pretty hectic schedule, so having a step-by-step program to tell me what to do made all the difference. With the shopping guide, meal plan, cheat sheets and other assorted tools, I didn’t have to waste time thinking about what to eat or which groceries to buy – everything I needed was laid out for me.”

James Daly, Tipperary | ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

* Results are not guaranteed, and will vary from person to person

Where are you now?
Where would you like to be?

Just a few short years ago, I was severely overweight and none too happy with how I looked.

I had struggled with my weight right throughout my teens and twenties, experimenting with the latest diet and exercise fads only to bounce back heavier than ever.

At one point, I’d lost over 100lbs only to gain it all back again!

But then I was introduced to the Paleo diet and, intrigued, decided to learn more about it.

Fast forward 18 months, and I’m getting fitter, leaner and healthier than ever.

Through trial and error, hard work and persistence, I’m finding a comfortable weight and overhauling my body image, and I’m doing it by eating like our biological ancestors!

David Carroll

Creator of The Paleo Tool Kit

* Results are not guaranteed, and will vary from person to person

Look Great, Feel Incredible and Learn to Love Your Body

(R)evolutionary Health is a concise, no-fluff handbook for your new Paleo lifestyle.

It’s packed with simple, effective strategies for everything from healthy eating to self-motivation. Find out why you’ve been frustrated with dieting until now, and why all that’s about to change…

  • Everything you need to know to lose weight with Paleo and keep it off
  • Learn how Paleo works, what makes it different, and why it makes sense
  • Includes powerful motivational “hacks” to make sticking to your program easy

All of Your Meals Carefully Planned Out, Without the Stress

With our 7-Day Meal Planner, your entire menu for the week is laid out in detail.

It includes suggested kitchen staples, a shopping list and assorted cheat sheets. Follow the plan to the letter (easiest) or pick and choose meals as you like…

  • Paleo-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Mobile-friendly shopping list makes it quick and easy to pick up the right foods
  • Focus is on simple, delicious meals that you can prepare quickly with minimal effort

Help and Support for Every Stage of Your Weight Loss Journey

Our Resource Pack is a collection of powerful tools and handy cheat sheets to make reaching your goal that much easier.

Here are just a few of the amazing bonuses you get…

  • Weight Loss Troubleshooter – use this step-by-step tool to quickly get back on track if your weight loss stalls
  • Guide to Alcohol – learn how to live it up at the pub, club or party while remaining faithful to your Paleo plan
  • Weight Tracking Guide – clear visual instructions to help you track progress and measure those all-important results

Get Started Right Away, at a Pace You can Easily Manage

Our Quick-Start Program is a unique email support plan that will walk you through your first month of Paleo.

One email per day, one task per email, great results. Ready to hit the ground running?

  • 30-day “baby steps” program – transition to your new Paleo lifestyle with minimal disruption
  • Get your weight loss underway immediately, and let us worry about the details
  • No need to overhaul your entire life – healthy habits are introduced gradually to ensure long-term success
“I’m glad I got the kit – it’s by far the easiest and most effective eating plan I’ve ever tried.”

“With other diets I felt really restricted in what I could eat or do, so it was great to be able to get in shape while still having a social life! The 30-day quick-start plan was challenging, but I never felt like I was on a diet because I was only making small changes every day. I loved the practical, sensible advice in (R)evolutionary Health too – especially the chapter on how to stay motivated!”

Éibhín Nolan, Dublin | ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

* Results are not guaranteed, and will vary from person to person

I want to make sure you have everything you need to get started with Paleo and succeed with your weight loss goals. So when you download The Paleo Tool Kit, you’ll also get these free bonuses…

Bonus #1: Tasty Paleo Meals Done Quickly

Our Paleo Essentials Recipe Book (RRP $29) includes preparation instructions for a range of simple, delicious, Paleo-friendly meals…

  • 50+ detailed, illustrated recipes that anyone can prepare
  • Designed for maximum taste and convenience, with minimal time and effort in the kitchen
  • Covers all of the recipes in the 7-Day Meal Planner and much more!

Bonus #2: Paleo-Friendly Shopping, Without the Guesswork

Our Hunter-Gatherer Guide (RRP $19) helps you find healthy foods, and takes the confusion and frustration out of Paleo-friendly shopping.

  • Quickly discover your favourite Paleo-friendly foods while on-the-go
  • Tips for navigating the store and choosing the right foods make shopping for your diet fast and effortless
  • Mobile-friendly – view on your tablet or phone whenever you need it

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Ready to get serious about weight loss? What’s stopping you? Try The Paleo Tool Kit now and get the slim, healthy body you’ve always wanted!

  • 10+ unique tools to help you get started with Paleo
  • 30-day email support plan to guide you step-by-step
  • Free updates for life
  • Instant access
  • FREE BONUS (RRP $29): Paleo Essentials Recipe Book
  • FREE BONUS (RRP $19): Hunter-Gatherer Shopping Guide
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back

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60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not happy with The Paleo Tool Kit and its contents…

Just get back to me within 60 days and I will immediately refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

I’ll assume all the risk, so if you don’t get results I’ll make sure you’re not out-of-pocket!

Answers to your questions

Who is The Paleo Tool Kit for?
Everyone! Whatever your age, gender or health goal, The Paleo Tool Kit gives you all the resources you need to make positive changes to your appearance and wellbeing by following a natural, whole-foods diet.
Will this work if I have a lot of weight to lose, or just a little?
Yes to both questions. Whether you’ve got 100 pounds to lose or 10, this all-natural diet will have you looking and feeling better within a few weeks!
Is this diet hard to follow?
Absolutely not. The Quick-Start Program ensures a smooth and steady transition over to the new diet at a comfortable pace. And unlike other diet plans, I advocate moderation rather than complete elimination of “forbidden” foods.
Will this diet work for vegetarians, vegans, lactose/gluten intolerants?
In all cases, the answer is yes. Paleo covers a broad enough range of foods to allow for any diet preference, and it is not compulsory to get your protein from meat or animal by-products. Those with a gluten intolerance will find the diet particularly effective, due to the emphasis on minimising grains.
Can I eat [insert favourite food] on this diet?
Absolutely – but how much and how often will depend on the type of food. The resources provided in the kit will help you determine whether your favourite food is Paleo-friendly or not. But I encourage moderation over elimination, and my reasons and strategy for this are covered in (R)evolutionary Health.
What about exercise?
While I always recommend some form of physical activity, it’s not essential to this plan. At least 80% of your results will come from your diet, so it’s imperative to get that right above all else. If you’d like to bolster your weight loss efforts with exercise, I’ve included tips to make it more enjoyable and less of a chore.
How long will it take for me to start seeing results?
This will depend on your current weight, the quality of your diet, and how well you embrace and follow the plan. Bear in mind that this is not a quick fix or rapid weight loss program — those tend to be unsustainable or even downright dangerous. The Paleo Tool Kit helps you gradually move towards a healthy lifestyle, while maintaining a steady rate of weight loss and feeling better each week than you did the last.
How is The Paleo Tool Kit delivered?
The Paleo Tool Kit is a completely digital set of resources available for instant download. The Quick-Start Program is delivered via email once a day for 30 days. After completing payment, you’ll have instant access to the kit. Simply download and unpack to your desktop, and check your inbox for your first email.
Why should I buy this product now, instead of waiting?
The Paleo Tool Kit was launched with a core set of features, and its current price reflects their value. As the kit is developed and expanded, the price will inevitably go up. However, customers who have already purchased the kit will receive free updates for life, so you’ll want to jump on the current offer while it’s still a bargain!
What if I don’t like the product or I don’t get the results I wanted?
I know you’ll love The Paleo Tool Kit and the results you’ll get from following the Paleo lifestyle. However, if for any reason what-so-ever you decide the product is not working or just not right for you, it comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you get your hands on The Paleo Tool Kit and take action, I know you’ll get results. If not, then I’ll make sure you’re not out-of-pocket!

Save Yourself Time, Money and Frustration

Remember, you’re here because everything you’ve been doing up until now to stay slim and healthy hasn’t worked.

Continuing on this path will inevitably lead you to even more frustration and despair as the weeks pass by and your struggle with weight worsens.

This will continue to negatively affect everything from your relationships to your choice of hobbies, vacations and even the clothes you wear.

I know this is not what you want for yourself, which is why you should take action today!

Luckily, there’s a much better path you can follow…

Imagine Looking in the Mirror and Loving What You See…

See your waistline shrinking as all the excess fat you’ve put up with for so long simply disappears.

See yourself fitting into the clothes you love, and getting the compliments and attention you deserve.

See your confidence grow as you seize new opportunities and enjoy life.

The Paleo Tool Kit is not just another diet plan, it’s the most straightforward, effective route to lasting weight loss and enhanced wellbeing.

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll get with the kit…

(R)evolutionary Health

Look great, feel incredible and love your body with our Paleo handbook.

7-Day Meal Planner

All your meals for the week planned out, without the stress.

Resource Pack

On-the-go tools for help and support through your weight loss journey.

Quick-Start Program

Get started right now with our 30-day email support program.

Paleo Essentials Recipe Book

Whip up over 50 tasty Paleo-friendly dishes with minimal effort.

Hunter-Gatherer Guide

Paleo-friendly shopping, without the guesswork.

Get Started Now

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